Celtic Pewter Necklace Leopardskin Jasper Gem Choker Tube & Octi

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Leopardskin Jasper is an opaque quartz named for its resemblance to the solitary feline.

It is thought to balance the animal instincts in us all, by bringing us what we "need", not what we "want".

Coloured by iron, it is said to protect against unseen hazards, inspire clarity and stimulate vitality.

Paired with handcast Celtic beads cast in solid pewter and engraved with knots, the symbol of eternity.

Lead/nickel free.

This Leopardskin Jasper is placed as a centrepiece between 2 "Celtic Octi" beads and 2 "Celtic Tube" beads.

Threaded on an approximately 17" cotton thong, the necklace is presented on an informative grey card.

Hand Made in Wales by Black Dragon Crafts.