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Brass Rubbing Kit The Lace Lady Margaret Peyton

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Develop your child's' fine motor skills and improve their attention span with these brass rubbing kits imported from the UK.

Teachers - these educational kits are a great way to provide a fun-filled, hands-on art activity that will promote students exploration of religion's impact on medieval history, and how ladies fashions were used to show how rich and powerful they were!

If a lady could afford Belgian Lace, then she was indeed, very rich - the reason why Margaret Peyton's tombstone effigy showed her dressed in this stunning gown made of Flemish lace.

Each Lace Lady Margaret Peyton Brass Rubbing Kit includes:

  • a molded resin figure attached to a stiff card, 
  • 10 sheets of paper and 
  • 1 mini wax to do 10 rubbings (and much more - these wax sticks last a long time).