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Brass Rubbing Kit Madonna & Child

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Develop your child's' fine motor skills and improve their attention span with these brass rubbing kits imported from the UK.

Teachers - these educational kits are a great way to provide a fun-filled, hands-on art activity that will promote students exploration of religion's impact on medieval history.

The rubbings can be made into hand made Christmas cards or framed.

Each Madonna & Child Brass Rubbing Kit includes:

  • a molded resin figure attached to a stiff card, 
  • 10 sheets of paper and 
  • 1 mini wax to do 10 rubbings (and much more - these wax sticks last a long time).

This is a spectacular facsimile of part of the memorial plate to Marguerite de Scornay, who was Abbess of Nivelles, from 1443-1460 - one of the most important Abbeys in Belgium.

The Abbess founded an annual mass which this 'brass' was laid to commemorate. She had rights to administer justice, and also to mint coins. The original panel, the survivor of three, after the 1940's bombing during World War II, shows her being presented to the Virgin and Child by St. Margaret of Antioch, her patron saint, with a dragon, the saint's special symbol, nearby. The four corners of the engraving picture the symbols of the apostles.