The Crewel Work Company Wordsworth Cuckoo Level 2 Intermediate Kit

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This beautiful design is a reflection of the new styles that prevailed at the end of the 19th Century. The Arts & Crafts influence is evident in the soft ‘faded’ colours, the naturalistic features and the asymmetric design. The cuckoo, the central feature in this delicate representation of the traditional “Tree of Life”, is framed by branches of oak and cherry with leaves and fruit.

Linen size 17 x 13.5”
Design size 9.5 x 6.5”


Padded Satin, Satin Stitch, Padded Satin, Closed Fly Stitch, Crewel Stem Stitch, Fish Bone Stitch, French Knots, Long & Short as ‘soft shading’

What's in a Kit?

  • Historically accurate "Z" twist Jacobean Linen Twill woven exclusively for The Crewel Work Company in the Highlands of Scotland. Accurately screen-printed with the design outline with stitch direction and length guide
  • Appleton's 2-ply crewel wools in numbered skeins to match the stitch chart
  • Easy to follow illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Full size stitch chart showing the exact location of every stitch and colour
  • Beginners booklet, "The Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work", including handy hints, getting started, needle threading and other embroidery tips
  • 2 of each of our bespoke gold-plated (size 2 for single thread) and polished nickel (size 1 for double thread) speciality crewel needles
  • A full size colour reproduction of the finished design