APS 002 Scottish Luckenbooth Brooch

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Surprise the love of your life with this Scottish Luckenbooth Brooch manufactured by Art Pewter Silver - a company based in East Kilbride in Scotland.

Size is 1.25" x 1.5"

The brooch is made from lead free, nickel free pewter then are finished with a plate of Palladium which will not scratch or tarnish.

Meaning of a Luckenbooth Brooch?

A Luckenbooth brooch was given as a symbol of love - often on engagement or wedding.

Two hearts entwined and topped with a crown for loyalty and also protects the wearer from evil.

Where does the name Luckenbooth originate from?

On Edinburgh's Royal Mile, merchants used to sell gold and silver trinkets from "locked booths" near Saint Giles Cathedral - these were the first permanent shops. The shops were know as "The Luckenbooths".