Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids!

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The Holidays are coming up quickly!

Are you racking your brains trying to think of something that's a bit different?

Something that will get your kids away from the computer.

Something that will develop their fine motor skills and concentration.

Something educational as well as fun?

Introducing "brass rubbing kits".

What is a Brass Rubbing Kit?

A brass rubbing kit is not made of brass! The plate is made of black resin!

In ancient cathedrals and churches throughout Europe, tombstones of the rich and famous (think kings and queens) were often covered with their image made in brass - which was a symbol of how rich and powerful they were.

It became popular over time to make a "rubbing" - a copy of these wonderful pieces of history. Over time though, so many of these old brasses were being worn away by too many people making rubbings.

Contents of a Brass Rubbing Kit

The brass rubbing kits include:

  • A plate made of resin that features the person, animal or mythical creature
  • 10 sheets of pre-cut paper
  • 1 Mini wax perfect for small hands

How do you do a Brass Rubbing?

A piece of paper is taped over the resin plate and you press gently around the edges of the plate to reveal the outline.

Then taking the wax crayon, you gently rub the outline and the image begins to magically appear.

Once the outline is completed you can begin filling in the rest of the detail.

What types of Brass Rubbing Kits are available?

Lots of different themes available including:

  • Dinosaurs & Dragons
  • Safari
  • Roman Life
  • Kings and Queens
  • Medieval Knights and ladies

The kits are great educational tools for teachers.

A hands-on activity that students will enjoy and promote exploration of the topic chosen.

So if you chose a Conservation theme, the students could select from:

  • Lion
  • Elephant
  • Tiger
  • Monkey 

or maybe you are exploring Evolution and the downfall of the Dinosaurs:

Run out of paper or wax crayons - don't worry - we have packets of 4 mini waxes and sheets of paper.

If you prefer, we also have large wax crayons - because adults have great fun performing brass rubbing!

What can you do with a Brass Rubbing?

Make party invitations, send a hand drawn picture to Grandma and Grandpa, frame them and hang them up in your room.

Have fun - and I'm only a phone call or email away if you need help or advice!





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