Floss Coverage and Cross Stitch Kit Instructions

Posted by Clare Crawford on

Have you ever run out of floss from a cross stitch kit and wondered “Why?”

Recollections of irritation and annoyance with the cross stitch kit manufacturer are probably very familiar.

But are those feeling warranted?

Hands up all those who just glance at the kit instructions and not really read them!

Those instructions are there for a purpose – to make sure you do not run out of thread.

The manufacturers want nothing less than to have an annoyed customer because that means they have probably lost future purchases – doesn’t make sense, right?

So when the kit says “use 2 strands of DMC floss” and you decide to use 3 strands, then guess what? You are on your way to the dreaded floss shortage!

Currently I am stitching a Lanarte cross stitch kit based on a Dutch Delft Blue Windmill design.

When I first opened the kit, I was taken aback by what seemed like an inappropriate amount of floss – there seemed to be too little.

Then I read the instructions and those instructions stated to only use 1 strand of DMC floss so that you would achieve the “hazy effect” so prevalent in Delft designs.

So I followed the instructions and my stitching perfectly matches the photo on the front of the kit.

So endeth my first lecture on cross stitch!

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